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Thursday, 05 January 2012

06/01/2012 CDDA 2011 data available

All the publicly available data on nationally designated areas is available on the EEA data service . The site contains the database, the GIS data and the QA/QC reports

The European Common Database on Designated Areas (ECDDA) covers the entire geographical area of Europe including the full geographical area under the responsibility of European countries as well as other States and Territories related to key initiatives in the European region . Effectively this covers EEA member counties, EEA collaborating countries, and Council of Europe (CoE) states which are not collaborating countries of the EEA (East Europe,Caucasus and Central Asia and Andorra) the data from these latter countries is collected by the UNEP-WCMC.The resulting data stretches across Europe/Eurasia from the western tip of Iceland to the most easterly point of the Russian Federation as well as Greenland (Denmark) and the French Overseas Departments and Territories and Overseas Collectives, covering 52 countries.

The UNEP-WCMC cooperates with the EEA in the production of the ECCDA which feeds into the World Database on Designated Areas.

The most recent version of the CDDA dataset is now available to view on the Natura 2000 viewer. Go to globe symbol on the top left hand corner and select 'Background maps' and scroll down to 'CDDA designated areas.