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Red Books on Species and Habitats of European concern

This survey is led in the framework of the EEA-ETC/BD workprogramme due to the relevance of this kind of information for assessment of state and trends of Biodiversity in Europe.
It is based on a preliminary list of Red Books and Red Lists produced by WCMC (dec 1995).
During 1997, it was updated with the support of EIONET.
Concerning habitats, several initiatives at European level are on-going and are not included in this list, for the moment.
ETC/BD wishes to thank all National Focal Points and their contacts for their active contribution.

A selection was made by ETC/BD with the following criteria:

  1. year of publication within the last decade (except when there is no more recent publication)
  2. only specific publications on redlists and not articles from a more global publication
  3. only published books

If you can provide more information on redlists initiatives, please use the feed back tool present on each footpage.