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The Common Database on Designated Areas is a joint project between:

It aims at better co-ordinating and streamlining information on designated areas resulting from various legal frameworks, whether at international, Community or national level. This initiative is in line with priority action 27 of the IUCN "Parks for Life" report on Action for protected Areas in Europe.

There are basically three broad categories of designations:

Very often, a same site is designated totally or partially, under several legal frameworks, often with different boundaries and surface areas. Thus, if site designations are not identified individually in a database, general statistics on designated areas in Europe are wrong, with many overlaps and double-counting.

Collection of information is ensured as followed:

The part of the database related to Nationally Designated Areas is validated and updated through EIONET.

By the end of 1999, there were 44.000 records (29.000 for EEA member countries and 15.000 for other European countries). The sites are listed according to the official designations at national level. This list of designation types has about 600 individual designations registered according to national or sub-national law (of which about 350 for EEA member countries).