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Article 12 tool

Overview of bird status

Reporting under Article 12 of the Birds Directive (period 2008-2012)

Outcomes from the Article12 reports

Main outcomes from the nature directives reporting

The European Commission and the European Environment Agency (supported by its European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity) have published several reports summarising the main result of the status of birds and Habitats Directive habitats and species at the EU (EU biogeographical) level.

The following links give access to published reports:

On line access to the reported data and assessments

The information reported by the Member States and the EU assessments of status can be accessed through the web viewing tool:

ERRATUM!!! The EU population status and Contribution to Target 1 of 15 bird species have been revised. Corrected EU status is available here.

Reporting datasets

Dataset containing the reported information and the EU assessments of status can be downloaded from European Environment Agency’s datacentre following the links below:

Statistical summaries per Member State

Basic statistics and an overview of the main results from the Member State reports are provided in National Summaries:

Other relevant publications

Other publications related to reports under the Article 12 can be accessed here:

Member State deliveries

The Article 12 reports from the Member States were delivered via the ReportNet mechanisms of the European Environment Agency. The link below gives access to Member State reports on ReportNet and to a brief evaluation of conformity of reported data (scoreboeard).