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Reports and publications by or with contributions from the ETC/BD Consortium

Some reports have been published by the European Environment Agency. Other reports are ETC/BD Technical or Working papers

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... by ETC/BD or with ETC/BD contributions (*) available on the EEA portal
(*) and former ETC in charge of nature and biodiversity topic until 31.12.2008

 March 2016 European forest ecosystems — State and trends
EEA report N°5/2016
 February 2016 Mapping and assessing the condition of Europe's ecosystems: progress and challenges
EEA report N°3/2016
 November 2015 Linking in situ vegetation data to the EUNIS habitat classification: results for forest habitats
EEA Technical report N°18/2015
 November 2015 Spatial analysis of marine protected area networks in Europe's seas
EEA Technical report N°17/2015
 October 2015 Marine protected areas in Europe's seas — An overview and perspectives for the future
EEA report N°3/2015
 July 2015 EU 2010 biodiversity baseline – adapted to the MAES typology (2015)
EEA Technical report N°9/2015
 June 2015 European ecosystem assessment — concept, data, and implementation
EEA Technical report N°6/2015
 May 2015 State of nature in the EU
EEA Technical report N°2/2015
 August 2014 Developing a forest naturalness indicator for Europe
EEA Technical report N°13/2014
 June 2014 Effects of air pollution on European ecosystems
EEA Technical report N°11/2014
 February 2014 Terrestrial Habitat Mapping in Europea: an overview
EEA Technical report N°1/2014
 November 2013 Balancing the future of Europe's coasts – knowledge base for integrated management
EEA Report N°12/2013
 November 2012 Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2012
EEA Report N°12/2012
 October 2012 Report on Protected Areas in Europe: an overview
EEA Report N°5/2012
 September 2012 Streamlining European biodiversity indicators 2020: Building a future on lessons learnt from the SEBI 2010 process
EEA Technical report N°11/2012
 November 2010 Biodiversity - SOER 2010 thematic assessment
 October 2010 EU 2010 Biodiversity baseline
EEA Technical report N°12/2010
 October 2010 Assessing biodiversity in Europe: the 2010 report
EEA Report N°5/2010
 September 2010 10 messages for 2010 – Cultural landscapes and biodiversity heritage
 August 2010 10 messages for 2010 – Coastal ecosystems
 July 2010 10 messages for 2010 – Mountain ecosystems
 June 2010 10 messages for 2010 – Agricultural ecosystems
 May 2010 10 messages for 2010 – Urban ecosystems
 April 2010 Ecosystem accounting and the cost of biodiversity losses – the case of coastal Mediterranean wetlands
EEA Technical report N°3/2010
 April 2010 10 messages for 2010 – Forest ecosystems
 March 2010 10 messages for 2010 – Freshwater ecosystems
 March 2010 10 messages for 2010 – Marine ecosystems
 March 2010 10 messages for 2010 – Protected areas
 January 2010 10 messages for 2010 – Climate change and biodiversity
 September 2009 Regional climate change and adaptation – the Alps facing the challenge of changin water resources
EEA Report N°8/2009
 July 2009 Progress towards the European 2010 biodiversity target – Indicator fact sheets
EEA Technical report N°5/2009
 May 2009 Progress towards the European 2010 biodiversity target
EEA Report N°4/2009
 September 2008 Impacts of Europe's changing climate – 2008 indicator-based assessment
EEA Report N°4/2008
 June 2008 European forests – ecosystem conditions and sustainable use
EEA Report N°3/2008
 October 2007 Europe's environment, the fourth assessment
State of the environment report N°1/2007
 October 2007 Halting the loss of biodiversity by 2010: proposals for a first set of indicators to monitor progress in Europe
EEA Technical report N°11/2007
 May 2006 Progress towards halting the loss of biodiversity by 2010
EEA Report N°5/2006

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