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WELCOME to the web pages of the ETC on Biological Diversity

The ETC/BD is an international consortium working with the European Environment Agency under a framework partnership agreement. The main tasks of the topic centre are:

The current consortium of the ETC/BD started its operation on the 1st of January 2014. Further details on the current consortium are available in the web page named 'Structure' above.

News from the Topic Center

 #  20/05/2015 Reports on the "State of Nature in the European Union" were launched today
Based on outcomes of the reporting by EU Member States under the two Nature Directives, and with major support from the ETC/BD, the European Environment Agency published a technical report (more...)

 #  03/03/2015 SOER 2015 - The report on 'European environment state and outlook 2015' launched today!
The State of the environment report is published every five years by the European Environment Agency. The SOER 2015 format consists in (more...)

 #  2014/12/18 ETC/BD Newsletter
The December 2014 version of the ETC/BD newletter is now available The newsletter aims at providing information on activities led by the Consortium in the framework of the multi-annual European Environment Agency’s Strategy 2014-2018. The newsletter is produced 2 times a year at regular intervals. (more...)

 #  01/09/2014 Job announcement - EU Nature Directives Reporting Officer - DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION EXTENDED until 19 September, 12.00 am
The ETC/BD is seeking an 'EU Nature Directives Reporting Officer' for its office in Paris. The position starts as early as possible before end 2014. For further details (more...)

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