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Reporting Tool Software

The reporting tool consists of a Microsoft Access application. The Access database should work on Microsoft Access versions 2003, 2007 & 2010. The Tool consist of 2 Access databases (one for Article 12 & one for Article 17) with a database (the back end) consisting of the tables and a front end consisting of a series of forms.

Article 17

**A new version (ver. 1.9) of the Article 17 reporting tool has been uploaded on the 19th of April 2013. The change between previous version (1.2, 1.7 & 1.9) and version 1.9 concerns the xml export of species reports. Data coordinators responsible for exporting xml files should update for the version 1.9, the xml files exported via the tool versions 1.2, 1.7 or 1.8 will be incorrect.

General users of the tool ("reporters") can continue to use versions 1.7 & 1.8.

Download the Tool

A final version of the Article 17 reporting Tool is available to download here

**Existing users: For those users who have been using the tool (versions 1.2, 1.7, 1.8) need only to replace the frontend.mdb. A updated version of the Frontend (version 1.9) is available to download here

The 'database.mdb' should not be updated.

Article 12

**A new version (1.10) of the Article 12 reporting tool has been uploaded on the 11th of October 2013. Version 1.10 should replace the versions 1.4 released on 24th of September 2012 and 1.8 released on 8th March 2013.

** Existing users, if you have been using the tool (version 1.4 or 1.8) you only need replace the frontend.mdb. Do not replace the database.

**New users a latest version of the Article 12 reporting tool (version 1.10) is available to download here.

Existing users: The updated version of the Frontend (version 1.10) is available to download here.

Red List

The resources below relate to the reporting tool developed by the ETC/BD, in collaboration with BirdLife International, to support the data collection process outside the EU for the ‘European Red List of Birds’ project, led by BirdLife under contract to the European Commission

The Red List reporting tool has been uploaded here.

Updated on 20.3.2013

Range Tool

**There are two versions of the Range Tool available

The Range Tool that works with Arc GIS versions 9.3, 10 and 10.1.

Note: If you have recently upgraded to Arc GIS 10.1 and the tool does not work make sure you have installed the Service Pack 1 upgrade which fixes a few glitches in Arc GIS 10.1. It will work then. We have also received reports that Arc GIS 10 users may encounter problems, if so they need to ensure the latest service pack in installed (25.3.2013).

Note: ***While using the range tool if you receive an error message concerning the checklist, please open your exported checklist in Access and "save as" a Access database version 2003 (.mdb). It should then work.

User Manual

Useful documents...

Workshop presentations

The presentations from the Workshop held on March 8th and 9th 2012 are available below. A user manual will be available shortly along with final version of the tool.

QA/QC functions of the Reporting Tool

Inbuilt in the Reporting Tools are a set of QA/QC rules, the following Excel files describe these checks..

Data specifications of the reporting tools

XML schemas

Examples of XML documents are available here

Validation Rules

A list of the validation rules the data will be subject to is available here.

If you have questions, please read the FAQ, if you don't find an answer there please contact the helpdesk (E-mail: reportingart12art17 [at] mnhn.fr)

The European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity can not be responsible for any damage occuring during installation or use of this software.