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Reports and publications by or with contributions from the ETC/BD Consortium

Some reports have been published by the European Environment Agency. Other reports are ETC/BD Technical or Working papers

ETC/BD Technical papers and Working papers(*)

(*) and former ETC in charge of nature and biodiversity topic until 31.12.2008

The ETC/BD Technical Papers and Working papers have not been subjected to European Environment Agency (EEA) member country review.
They do not represent the formal views of the EEA.

 April 2017 Supporting elements for the Alpine Natura 2000 review seminar
ETC/BD Technical paper N°1/2017
 October 2016 Supporting elements for Atlantic Natura 2000 review seminar
ETC/BD Technical paper N°2/2016
 September 2016 Supporting elements for Boreal Natura 2000 review seminar
ETC/BD Technical paper N°1/2016
 May 2016 Revising the marine section of the EUNIS Habitat classification - Report of a workshop held at the European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity, 12 & 13 May 2016
ETC/BD Working paper N°A/2016
 December 2015 Scoping document: analysis of the feasibility of calculating the CMEF Context Indicator 36, “Conservation status of agricultural habitats (grasslands)”, at the NUTS2 level
ETC/BD Working paper N°D/2015
 December 2015 Scoping document: state of agroforestry information across Europe
ETC/BD Working paper N°C/2015
 December 2015 Scoping document: information related to European old growth forests
ETC/BD Working paper N°B/2015
 December 2015 Documentation on the integration of European Forest Types into the EUNIS Habitat Classification
ETC/BD Working paper N°A/2015
 December 2015 Assessment of the EUNIS Forest habitat probability maps based on Article 17
ETC/BD Technical paper N°13/2015
 December 2015 Note on the geographical scope of the EUNIS species component
ETC/BD Technical paper N°10/2015
 December 2015 Dyntaxa taxon concept administration and how to handle information related to taxa
ETC/BD Technical paper N°8/2015
 December 2015 Article 12 datasets (tabular and spatial)
ETC/BD Technical paper N°7/2015
 October 2015 Pre-scoping document for the marine regions
ETC/BD Technical paper N°2/2015
 July 2015 Scoping document: biodiversity indicators related to agriculture
ETC/BD Working paper N°E/2015
 July 2015 Final database on linkages between species/habitat-types and broad ecosystems
ETC/BD Technical paper N°6/2015
 July 2015 Short topic assessment on Forests and Article 17 related data. Analysis of Articles 12 and 17 reporting data from 2007-2012 for woodland and forest ecosystems
ETC/BD Technical paper N°5/2015
 July 2015 Short topic assessment on Agriculture and Article 17 related data. Analysis of Articles 12 and 17 reporting data from 2007-2012 for agricultural ecosystems
ETC/BD Technical paper N°4/2015
 June 2015 Information note to IPBES secretariat on EEA and EU information
ETC/BD Technical paper N°3/2015
 May 2015 Short topic assessment: Integrated approaches for wetland conservation and management
ETC/BD Technical paper N°12/2015
 April 2015 Annex I Grasslands Habitats in the Alpine Biogeographical Region
ETC/BD Technical paper N°1/2015
 April 2015 Modelling the spatial distribution of EUNIS forest habitats based on vegetation relevés and Copernicus HRL
ETC/BD Technical paper N°14/2015
 February 2015 Short topic assessment on Biodiversity: Migration corridors Green infrastructure
ETC/BD Technical paper N°11/2015
 December 2014 Pre-scoping document for the Continental/ Pannonian/ Steppic and Black Sea biogeographical regions
ETC/BD Technical paper N°7/2014
 November 2014 Literature Review: The ecological effectiveness of the Natura 2000 Network
ETC/BD Technical paper N°5/2014
 November 2014 The impact of Natura 2000 on non-target species. Assessment using volunteer-based biodiversity monitoring
ETC/BD Technical paper N°4/2014
 September 2014 Scoping document: European impact on global biodiversity loss
ETC/BD Working paper N°A/2014
 September 2014 Impact of atmospheric nitrogen deposition on biodiversity
ETC/BD Technical paper N°8/2014
 June 2014 Article 17 Reporting – Assessments of conservation status at the EU biogeographical level. Public consultation
ETC/BD Technical paper N°3/2014
 March 2014 Article 17 Reporting – Habitats Directive: Guidelines for assessing conservation status of habitats and species at the biogeographical level (2007-2012)
ETC/BD Technical paper N°2/2014
 March 2014 Crosswalks between European marine habitat typologies - A contribution to the MAES marine pilot
ETC/BD Technical paper N°1/2014
 November 2013 Working paper on feasibility of an indicator on IAS pathways
ETC/BD Working paper N°F/2013
 September 2013 Overview of potential indicators for financing biodiversity management
ETC/BD Working paper N°D/2013
 September 2013 Working paper on an overview of activities to assess public awareness on biodiversity in non-EU countries: Towards an EEA wide public awareness indicator
ETC/BD Working paper N°G/2013
 September 2013 Background document on an overview of marine biodiversity indicators in the framework of EU Directives and Regional Sea Conventions
ETC/BD Working paper N°E/2013
 July 2013 Review of recent literature on mapping ecosystem services and analysis of methods used
ETC/BD Working paper N°B/2013
 July 2013 Working paper on biodiversity and national ecosystem assessment reports
ETC/BD Working paper N°A/2013
 May 2013 Report on methodological evaluation of approaches to migration corridors
ETC/BD Technical paper N°1/2013
 March 2013 Background document on an overview of recent activities on indicators on access and benefits sharing (ABS) under relevant multilateral agreements including indicator proposals
ETC/BD Working paper N°C/2013
 October 2012 Overview of citizen science reporting for biodiversity in Europe
ETC/BD Technical paper N°2/2012
 July 2012 Review on ecosystem restoration and its effectiveness in Europe
ETC/BD Technical paper N°1/2012
 July 2012 Background document: Review of recent publications on indicators of Ecosystem Services and Restoration
ETC/BD Working paper N°A/2012
 December 2011 A concept of a degraded ecosystem in theory and practice – a review
ETC/BD Working paper N°A/2011
 November 2011 Survey on grassland ecosystem services in the Czech Republic and literature review
ETC/BD Technical paper N°1/2011
 October 2011 Report on analysis of national indicator products
ETC/BD Working paper N°B/2011
 December 2010 Report on a possible implementation of a Community Specialisation Index at European level: an indicator of biodiversity state and ecosystem integrity
ETC/BD Working paper N°A/2010
 June 2009 A survey of existing scientific or policy targets relevant for each SEBI indicator among global, European and national initiatives
ETC/BD Working paper N°A/2009

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